2 million tweets deleted from Saudis in 2020


A report revealed an increase in the percentage of deleted tweets in 2020 from 2019 by 14%, and the most active in deleting the United States of America by 27 million, while Saudi Arabia ranked fourth with 2 million, according to socialmediatoday.Erase the past

Crowds of people erase their tweets to make sure their mistakes are not tracked, as deleted tweets reached 205 million tweets in 2020, and 21 million likes deleted.

The top three countries according to the number of Twitter users are the United States (68.7 million), Japan (51.9 million) and India (18.9 million).

Types of Tweets

Profanity topped the types of tweets that people delete by 36%, followed by racism by 18% and others by 46%.

Highest month

The report revealed the tweets deleted by month, as June issued the rest of the months with 36 million, followed by April with 26 million, most of them related to the (Covid-19) pandemic.

Denied content

The report showed that 79% of employers reject candidates based on their social media content.

Bad jokes

He mentioned that the cause of “my bad joke” is one of the common reasons for deleting tweets, in addition to getting rid of old ones because some of them do not like messing up their accounts, or erasing them because the person applied for another job, so he does so for fear of being judged by his account.

The report indicated that 3,500,000 tweets were the most deleted by one user.

205309876 deleted Tweet

21.239.112 – likes deleted

By gender

% 53 men

% 47 are women

By month

December = 11.6 million

January = 12 million

April = 26 million (COVID-19 Pandemic)

June = 36 million (black lives matter)

The most active

27 million – United States of America

11 million – Japan

4 million – United Kingdom

2 million – Saudi Arabia

2 million – Canada

904 thousand – France

791 thousand – Brazil

747 thousand – Spain

739 thousand – Australia

561 thousand – Germany

Common reasons for deleting tweets are according to people

– Because I want to delete it

– The tweets are many

– I’ll leave Twitter

– Home business

– To forget about it

– To start a new life

– I don’t like mess

– My Tweets are harmful

– New Year’s Resolution

– Boring

To get rid of embarrassing tweets

– I have new opinions

– applying for a job

Get rid of old tweets

– These tweets can cause me problems

– My jokes are bad


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