2.6 million visitors and shoppers to the Jubail market in Sharjah during 2020 – Economic – Economy of the Emirates


Souq Al Jubail in the Emirate of Sharjah – which was opened in December 2015 on an area of ​​400 thousand square feet on an average of Sharjah Corniche and Flag Island – attracts more than 12 thousand visitors daily, and this number rises between 17 to 18 thousand visitors during the weekend and on official occasions and holidays Until the total last year reached two million and 602 thousand and 689 visitors and shoppers.

Visiting the Jubail market represents a rich shopping experience for all its visitors, citizens and residents, as it includes three sections “vegetables, fruits, fish and meat.” Visitors to the market built according to the Islamic character can taste various fresh seafood in the fish barbecue corner in addition to the presence of a hypermarket that provides an integrated shopping experience as well as follow-up. The fish auction that takes place daily during the period from afternoon until sunset in the designated area in the market.

Hamed Al-Zarouni, Executive Director of the Asset Management Sector at Sharjah Asset Management – the investment arm of the Sharjah government, said in a special dialogue to the Emirates News Agency … that the market management has committed to implementing all precautionary measures in accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the competent health authorities in order to preserve the safety of workers and visitors from the spread Coronavirus, as the market provided 52 sterilization points, in addition to sterilizing shopping carts and market corridors, and conducting periodic checks for workers in the market to ensure their safety, in addition to organizing awareness and follow-up campaigns, and emphasizing the importance of adhering to physical distancing and wearing masks.

He pointed out that there are more than 250 products in the Jubail market distributed into 3 sections, all of which contain 260 stores, which are the vegetables and fruits section, which includes 160 stores, of which 40 are dates, the meat section, which includes 60 stores, and the fresh fish section, which includes 30 stores and 3 stores that sell honey and others to sell nuts. The barbecue section, in addition to the fish cleaning and cutting sections, to meet market customers ’demands for this service at nominal prices, pointing out that various services and other facilities are available in the market, such as the“ Etisalat ”platform, ATMs and others.

For his part, Hamid Al-Alili, Director of the Fish Department in Jubail Market, said that among the most prominent fresh local fish sold in the Jubail market are “Al Safi, Shary, Kingfish, Kufr, Khatt, Jish and others”, while imported fish vary, most notably supreme, salmon, seabass and others. He pointed out that fish prices change according to the season, as it is currently characterized by its stability, while it rises in the summer period, in addition to that the mechanism of paying the value of fish purchases differs from its counterparts from the markets, so the shopper gets a receipt for each quantity of fish purchased, up to the payment of its total value at the fish department fund.

He pointed out that the total quantity of fish sold last year amounted to 2858 tons … while the quantity purchased reached 2950 tons … stressing that the market administration is committed to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah to support the profession of fishermen as it works to establish Development and service projects that contribute to improving the conditions of fishermen and their continuous support. There is also great cooperation and commitment in terms of receiving fish with specifications identical to the standards set by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

Al-Alili explained that the fish section in the market has obtained an ISO quality certificate for about four years and is the first market in the region to achieve this and constantly attracts remarkable demand from shoppers and market visitors who always express their confidence in the level of services, high quality and cleanliness. The fish section in particular is always equipped with the best international cooking equipment, the highest standards of hygiene and the highest quality standards, in addition to the availability of the latest internationally known safety systems.



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