10 simple ways to lower blood pressure without medication


Some people suffer from high blood pressure, but they are afraid to receive medication, to avoid becoming ill with chronic disease. Doctors revealed 10 simple ways to control high blood pressure, without the need to take medication, while the methods included the following:

The first method: Reducing excess weight, which is a direct cause of many chronic diseases.

The second method: Persistent exercise, for 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes per day.

The third method: Ensure that you eat healthy food, and stay away from fast food that is saturated with sugar and salt.

The fourth method: reducing the sodium in the food, such as reducing salt and processed foods, while it is desirable to add some herbs to the food in order to give it a delicious flavor.

The fifth and sixth methods: Prevention of the repercussions of high blood pressure, by avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol.

The seventh method: Avoid stress, “because they significantly increase blood pressure.”

The eighth and ninth method: The individual should monitor his blood pressure at home.

The tenth method: The affected person needs help from those around him, whether it is related to family or friends, in order to take steps that benefit his health.


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