Zughaibi recommendation as president of the Aircraft Federation – Saudi News


Dr. Khaled bin Mansour Al-Zughaibi’s list won the presidency and membership of the Saudi Volleyball Federation in the 2021-2024 election cycle, after it was recommended during the General Assembly meeting held yesterday (Tuesday), which was held for the first time remotely. The list includes: Khaled bin Mansour Al-Zughaibi as Chairman, and memberships: «Saad Al-Ruwais, Ahlam Al-Omari, Hanan Al-Qahtani, Nayef Rajab, Basem Munqal, Muhammad Al-Faqih, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Obaid, Yazid Al-Wadaei, and Ibrahim Al Ibrahim».For his part, the former president of the Saudi Volleyball Federation congratulated the captain of the Saudi national team and Al-Hilal club, Fahd Al-Huraishi, after recommending him as president, and said: “Khaled is well known, as he is familiar with the game through the multiple participations in world championships as a global referee, which contributed greatly to the acquisition of Sufficient experience, and certainly will transfer this experience to the ground, and I am very confident that he is able to achieve success and advance the game with the candidate list ». He continued: “The Ministry of Sports, represented by Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, has developed a strategy that will contribute to supporting federations, clubs and players, and this will contribute to facilitating the task of the federations by providing all capabilities for the national teams. The general supervisor of Al-Ahly plane, Ayman Tazi, confirmed his happiness with Dr. Khaled Al-Zughaibi winning the presidency of the Saudi Volleyball Federation, and said: “My joy is indescribable. Big, and clubs must stand up and cooperate with him to improve the game ». He added, “Through my modest experience, I will not be stingy with him in providing any information to complete the flight. He added: “We will not forget the efforts made by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Babtain, the former president, and my testimony in him was wounded. He was like a father and always sought to solve all the problems facing clubs, and my confidence in Dr. Khaled Al-Zoghaibi that he will do everything in his power to restore volleyball to its place. Natural ». Al-Nasr club player Saleh Al-Dossary congratulated Dr. Khaled Al-Zoghaibi headed by the Saudi Volleyball Federation and his candidate list, and said: “Dr. Khaled is a great addition to his experience in the field of the game, and we as players will stand with him.”


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