Zamalek competitor .. All you want to know about Senegalese Tongith before Tuesday’s summit


The first team plays the ball Zamalek clubA difficult confrontation when he is a guest The face of Senegalese TongithAt 6 pm this Tuesday, in the second round of the African Champions League groups, at the Senegalese team’s stadium.

Zamalek tied negatively with MC Algeria In the first round of the match, which was held at the Cairo International Stadium, while Senegalese Tongeth lost two goals to a goal against the Tunisian Esperance outside their home country.

Zamalek is striving to overcome the Senegalese Tungith hurdle and return with three points to improve its position in its group, and Zamalek occupies second place with one point, where the group ranking came in the presence of Al-Tarji at the top with 3 points, and Zamalek behind it with one point, then MC Algiers in third with the same score, and it sits Senegal champion in last place without points.

Zamalek and Senegalese Tongith

We will review the most important information about Senegalese Tongaith before Tuesday’s summit.

He achieved a big surprise by ousting the Moroccan Raja team from the African Champions League, after winning 3-1 on penalties, in the match that took place between them in the second leg of the 32nd round of the continental championship.

The Senegalese Tungith team was founded 8 years ago, specifically in 2013, and this is the first time that it participated in the African Champions League in its history..

He was crowned in the Senegalese league last season with 24 points out of 10 matches, as he did not lose any match in the Estagal League last season, with 7 wins and 3 draws..

Tongeth players scored 17 goals and conceded only 4 goals, as the strongest attack on a par with Diambars, and the least goal-scoring teams also.

The average age of Tongith players is 24.2 years, with 29 players on the team’s roster, which has two professionals from outside Senegal..

The way of playing is 4-2-3-1, in which they played against the Gambian Army and Moroccan Raja in the 64th and 32nd League of the Champions League for this season respectively, where the Senegalese champion beat the Gambian Army with a score of 1/3 in the whole round-trip matches, Tunchez defeated Raja on penalties after the two-legged rounds ended in a goalless draw.


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