Youssef Al-Khal confirms that “Lebanese Drama” is similar to news broadcasts


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Beirut – Arabs today
The Lebanese actor Youssef Al-Khal revealed that he lived in poverty during his childhood, but that he was not deprived of it due to technological development, and also indicated that he lived for a month in the basement of the light of the candle with his mother at a time when his sister, the actress, Ward Al-Khal was specialized in Italy, but things changed a lot Youssef Al-Khal added, during his appearance on the program “40” presented by the media, Jessica Azar, “I disagree a lot with my sister, actress Warda Al-Khal, as she always asks me to take things in an easy way, because from her point of view, art And stardom is not financially profitable. ”

Youssef also touched on what his mother told him some time ago, as she considered that the glow of his light had dimmed during this period, considering that there is dust in front of him that will disappear automatically when it rains and will return after that light and glow again. On the technical level, Youssef Al-Khal confirmed that the levels in Lebanese drama are declining. Some thing, in the past we used to accuse the Lebanese drama of not being similar to reality and the Lebanese street, except that it has changed these days. It became devoid of art and similar to newscasts, highlighting the disdain of some for the Lebanese actor and production, believing that anything possible passes, so there must be diversification and some luster.

Youssef Al-Khal pointed out that there are 3 difficult choices that he went through in his marital relationship: Firstly, his wife, Nicole Saba, moved to Lebanon and left her residency in Egypt, secondly, how to deal with the Corona pandemic and fear for the people we love, as well as the challenge of distance education and our disagreement about this matter, especially since we thought a lot “without these two years from the basis and without fanaticism.” Our daughter, “and thirdly, the idea of ​​moving from Lebanon. He sent a letter to his wife Nicole on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, in which he expressed his great love for her, and wished that God would give him so that he could reward her for her fatigue, since she was 9 years ago with him and kept him especially during this period of It was full of catastrophes, but it proved to be a “pregnancy aid” as he said, meaning it can be relied upon as it played the educational, organizational, planning and rhythmic role of life, as it has excessive independence; She loves to be responsible for all the people around her.

Yusef Al-Khal revealed, at the request of his wife Nicole, the words he had written earlier to flirt with blue eyes, in which he said: “A storm with every eyelid twitch, and drowned in a sea of ​​tears, wrestling with the air in the air to run on a white shore, a battle of existence in a dimension of stagnation, covered with eyelashes of a million anonymous In a moment you feel sleepy. He can be called magic, and he can be enchanted or in madness in blue. ”Here, it must be noted, that during the episode there was an intervention by his wife Nicole Saba in which she said:“ My life and my partner is good and bitter. God willing, we will continue our life after we walked ahead and finish it. With some success with the third partner, our daughter, Nicole. And we wish you everything sweet, and nothing other than stardom and the love of people will keep you strong. I love you so much. ”

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