Xiaomi Mi 11 or iPhone 12 … which is better?


The Chinese company, Xiaomi, has been keen from the first moment to produce its new Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone, to have specifications and features that enable it to compete with the latest phones, especially the iPhone 12 from Apple, so the technical reports have taken care of the comparison between the features and design of the two phones, the price and the battery, to find out the best of them.

Here is a comparison between the two phones as follows:

Price and availability

Xiaomi Mi 11 is set to sell for around $ 900 for 128GB of storage and around $ 960 for 256GB of storage, and for iPhone 12 it starts at $ 799 for only 64GB of storage.

the design

IPhone 12 and Xiaomi Mi 11 each have a glass back and an aluminum frame, and they both come with a square back camera design in the upper left corner.

But the iPhone 12 features a flat screen and a large notch, while the Xiaomi Mi 11 has a curved screen and a perforated camera, the dimensions and weight of the two devices also differ, and the Mi 11 is larger and heavier.

The iPhone 12 excels in the water-resistant feature, as it was designed to be able to withstand submersion up to a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes, and the Xiaomi Mi 11 does not contain this feature.

the screen

As for the screens, the two phones have a lot of differences, and the Xiaomi Mi 11 has a 6.81-inch curved AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, support for HDR10 + and a brightness of 1500 nits.

IPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch flat OLED screen, a 60Hz refresh rate, HDR10 support and a peak brightness of 1,200 nits.

Accordingly, the Xiaomi Mi 11 has a larger screen, higher resolution, higher refresh rate and higher brightness, which makes it superior to Apple’s phone.

Cameras and battery life

Xiaomi Mi 11 has a triple rear camera with a 108MP main camera, a 13MP wide camera, a 5MP camera and a 20MP front camera.

The iPhone 12 has only two rear cameras, consisting of a 12MP main camera, a 12MP wide camera, and a 12MP front camera.

Xiaomi is outnumbered by the number, types and megapixels of cameras, but neither phone has a close-up camera.

As for the battery, the Xiaomi Mi 11 has a 4600 mAh battery with 55 W fast charging, a 50 W wireless charger and a 10 Watt reverse wireless charger, and the iPhone 12 has a much smaller 2815 mAh battery with 20 W fast charging and wireless charging. 15W power and no reverse wireless charging.

IPhone 12 supports MagSafe charger devices, which Xiaomi Mi 11 does not.

Specifications and performance

Xiaomi Mi 11 has a Snapdragon 888 chipset with 8 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 12 has an A14 Bionic chipset with 4 GB of RAM.

Both phones support the fifth generation network, with some big differences, such as the Xiaomi Mi 11 having a fingerprint scanner and the iPhone 12 using the Face ID feature.
Xiaomi Mi 11 also runs Android 11 while iPhone 12 runs iOS 14.

In general, the Xiaomi Mi 11 has a larger and clearer screen with a higher refresh rate, in addition to a larger battery, faster charging and more cameras, while the iPhone 12 has better water resistance and is smaller and lighter.


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