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The Saudi Minister of Health warned of the return of another wave of Corona virus, calling on everyone to preserve the previous gains that were achieved by the grace of God and then thanks to the commitment to follow the instructions by citizens and residents alike. The progressive increase in injuries now did not come out of nowhere and you do not need to do an extensive research to find out the causes, all you have to do is go to a café or malls to find out what is happening on the ground.I will talk about the economic situation if another wave returns. As for the social and psychological situation, everyone knows what it means to return to home quarantine again.

The economic impact of this virus on all countries of the world without exception, and global losses from 11 trillion dollars may reach 14 trillion dollars, as the governments of global countries have struggled and are still struggling to stop this bleeding from economic losses, not to mention human losses.

There are countries that have managed and succeeded in bearing the consequences of this epidemic economically and financially until this moment, and the Kingdom is one of those countries, but this does not mean that in the event of another wave we will be with the same economic strength in which we confronted this virus in its early stages, because as it is known that setbacks are often It will be more severe, so any new setback and a return to the cessation of economic activity and the closure of all air, land and sea borders, in addition to stopping movement between cities and the return of the curfew, inevitably all of this will have major economic and financial consequences, because staying in homes is a strangulation of the economy and disruption of the side Demand and supply together, in addition to overburdening the state budget. Instead of pumping that money into economic development, it will be directed to face the second wave of this virus, and we may have to withdraw cash reserves and go to public debt markets to borrow.

Everyone today faces a national responsibility that requires us to give precedence to the public interest over the private interest, because one of the basics of citizenship is to preserve all national gains, especially those that were achieved in the stages of combating this epidemic since its inception.

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