World news today – Leaks reveal the “iPhone” that Apple will boast of in 2021 … video


World News Today, World News Today – Leaks reveal the “iPhone” that Apple will boast about in 2021 … Video: The source of the news – news agencies – Sputnik with details of the news Leaks reveal the “iPhone” that Apple will boast in 2021 … Video:

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Global press reports revealed new leaks for the upcoming “iPhone”, which sources confirmed that the American “Apple” company will boast of it in 2021.

The report, published on the technical website “Engadget”, indicated that “Apple” is preparing the next generation of “iPhone” phones so that its screen will work permanently.

In this regard, Apple used a “LTPO” screen, which means “low temperature polycrystalline oxide screens”, which provides iPhone batteries with a frequency of 120 Hz.

The iPhone screens will provide the lock screen so that the screen works through it to provide a number of information without any input in addition to a number of important notifications, just as they are found in some Android phones.

Apple will also introduce a number of improvements in the iPhone camera, which will be ultra-wide, and automatic astrophotography technology, which is expected to be exceptional from the rest of the iPhone models.

The new iPhones will combine the technology of unlocking the screen, “Face ID” for facial recognition, and the fingerprint reader integrated into the touch screen.

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