Witness: The confrontation of the Saudi aggression reaches the stage of Al-Ain by Al-Ain


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Al-Bukhaiti said in an interview with Al-Alam TV that “the fifth deterrent operation is one of the major operations in which 15 drones were used.”

He stressed that it has become clear that the American Patriot anti-missile system, which Al-Saudi Arabia possesses, is a failure, and that American weapons are no longer successful in the face of Yemeni weapons.

Al-Bukhaiti indicated that Saudi Arabia was warned since the beginning of the aggression to stop attacks on Yemeni cities, stressing that the Yemeni army is trying as hard as possible to prevent civilian casualties.

Al-Bukhaiti warned Saudi Arabia of the danger of the upcoming Yemeni attacks on its sites, saying: “Saudi Arabia must stop its raids and lift the siege and interventions inside Yemen because there are big attacks awaiting it.”

Al-Bakhiti responded to all the solutions that were proposed in order to save the face of Saudi Arabia, stressing that the only solution is for Saudi Arabia to stop its aggression.

And he indicated that the current stage is the attack stage as a good means of defense, adding that there are still future ground attacks that will be carried out on areas in the depth of Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni writer and political analyst explained that the strikes that took place yesterday were painful, as Saudi Arabia closed most of its airports in a way that it had not seen since its founding.

He referred to the demonstrations that took place in Yemeni cities, explaining that they are a message to Biden to know that the Yemeni people know who is behind Saudi Arabia in the aggression.

He ridiculed Saudi Arabia’s admission that it is the only country to target with so many missiles and marches, saying: “They came to Yemen under the pretext of protecting Mansour Hadi’s government, and today they have nothing but to mourn.”


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