Witness: Fifi Abdo wears very bold clothes … and the public attacks her


The Egyptian actress, Fifi Abdo, published on her own account through the photo exchange application (Instagram) a new photo of her, in which she appeared with a bold look in the middle of the desert, which sparked the comments of the attack on her because of the short dress in which she appeared in the photo.Vivi had published a video clip to respond to the rumors circulating about her entering the intensive care unit and wearing the veil, and commented on the video saying: “Good evening from Egypt or the world. I want to tell you I am wearing this from the cold on the idea that the rumors nullify the need for revitalization and the need for a veil unless he wants Our Lord, listen to the video, God willing, we will download the YouTube and TikTok link for the first time I see them, with your love is strong Sleep Well Sweet Dreams, Exosme is the last thing I have in English, “according to (her).

It is noteworthy that the artist, Vivi Abdo, had sparked controversy after she posted a short video clip via the short stories feature attached to her account on Instagram, while she was on the bed of her room, sending a message to her followers and fans, reassuring them after the rumor she entered intensive care.

Fifi Abdo said: “O group, in the name of God, God willing, God is the greatest, five and five over you, O Fufu, uh, and God, life, I will not be bowed. I respond to those who say that I am in resuscitation after evil on me, God willing, who hates me and does not wish you on the idea.”


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