With augmented reality technology … Apple develops a new application for the series “For All Humans”


Apple has developed a new application with augmented reality technology “AR” named “For All Humans: Time Capsule”, to promote the new season of the series “For All Humans”.

The American electronics giant has developed the application to promote the new season of the series, which will start showing on the “Apple TV Plus” service on February 19 this year.

TechCrunch stated that even for those who are not interested in the “All Mankind” episodes that tell a story from an alternate history in which the Soviet Union defeated the United States in reaching the moon and the space race continued in the 1970s and beyond, the new application remains important. As a new sign of Apple’s interest in augmented reality technology, away from reports it is developing smart glasses with augmented reality technology.

The Time Capsule app guides users on a 45-60-minute linear journey of content, and is also designed to support further exploration and additional visits.

The application also allows the user to browse mail messages coming from the future known as “De Mail” or “Delorin Mail” and play any writing game on the computer.

In the event that the user owns an Apple device with a scanner, such as the iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the application can be used to create a virtual photo viewer to display the family photos of Danny, the hero of the episodes of “For All Mankind”, on the walls of the user’s home.

The app was developed in parallel with the second season of the series, as the developer team worked with Apple to discover “the best elements for the continuation of the story” and obtain audience evaluation while the AR elements are being developed, said Ben McGuinness, producer of the episodes for “All Mankind.”

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