White: This is the most valuable resource!


The director of the Hariri Hospital, Firas Abyad, tweeted on his Twitter account, writing: “Management experts confirm that time is the most valuable resource. More can be obtained from every other commodity except for time. Once it is spent, it cannot be recovered or more of it.” He added, “The most valuable resource in public health policies is trust, as time, once trust is lost, cannot be restored easily.”

And he continued in another tweet, “Trust is not given, but is gained, and gradually built through repeated achievements in which transparency and good communication play an important role, and once obtained, trust gives another gain, which is respect. During the treatment of his patient. “

And Abyad concluded, by saying: “Finally, people love their homelands, however, many people choose to live where they trust that their children will have a better future. Unfortunately, Lebanon loses this advantage gradually. Regarding the homelands, people are the most valuable resource. How much pity a nation deserves if it departs from it. People’s choice”.


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