Which clothes are more likely to transmit the emerging corona virus? … A study answers


A study conducted by a team of university scientists found that “Covid-19And similar strains of VirusesAble to remain effective on clothing to transmit infection, for a period of time up to 72 hours.

And according to the British “Daily Star” newspaper, the study dealt with the effectiveness of the coronavirus on three types of fabrics that are common in the manufacture of Clothing Own crews Healthcare.

The researchers pointed out that polyester is the most dangerous fabric for transmitting infection, as the virus was still able to transmit the disease to other surfaces after three days.

Scientists said that the virus remained active on clothes made entirely from Cotton For 24 hours, this time decreased for fabrics containing polyester and cotton by six hours.

The researchers recommended that all clothes should be washed in washing machines at high temperatures, calling for avoiding contact with any other surfaces before washing them, in anticipation of the transmission of infection.


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