When will the herd immunity to “Covid-19” appear in Russia?


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When will herd immunity to


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Dr. Evgeny Timakov, an infectious disease specialist, announced that herd immunity to “Covid-19” disease will form in Russia, by the end of the summer, when 60% of the population will have antibodies.

The specialist indicates, in a statement to the Russian Novosti News Agency, that the antibodies will be in those who have recovered from the disease and in those who received vaccination against the emerging coronavirus.

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It is reported that Senator Vladimir Krugley, a doctor, announced earlier that, according to the current vaccination rate, Russia will need seven years to form herd immunity, so he called for activating and intensifying the vaccination process.

But according to Specialist Timakov, “herd immunity will form in Russia at the end of summer and early autumn, thanks to vaccination and those recovering from the disease.”

He adds, explaining, herd immunity means the presence of antibodies to the virus in 60% of the country’s adult population. Referring to the contribution of those who have recovered from the disease and not really as a result of mass vaccination.

According to him, 50% of Muscovites currently have immunity to the emerging coronavirus, meaning only 10% must be vaccinated for group immunity to form against it, and of course by the fall the number will be more than 10%.

He says, “We notice the stability of conditions and the decrease in the number of new infections. This indicates that herd immunity is forming. I hope that the imposed measures such as wearing masks and gloves will be lifted by the summer or at least reduced.”

The specialist pointed out that children do not get severe cases of “Covid-19” disease, so their vaccination is not as important as for adults.

He added, explaining, that tests for the emerging coronavirus vaccine have not started on children, so it is not recommended to vaccinate children now.

It is reported that Professor Alexander Ginsburg, head of the Russian Gamalia Center, expressed his hope that the study of the “Sputnik-V” vaccine for children would begin next June.

Source: Novosti


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