When will Saudi Arabia compensate the families of the victims of Wahhabi terrorism in Iraq?


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And the lawsuit filed last Monday in a federal court in Pensacola said that Saudi Arabia was aware that the gunman had embraced extremist ideology and could have prevented the attack, after the US attorney general announced that the FBI had found Later, evidence from Al-Shamrani’s mobile phone linked to Al-Qaeda, and after a group monitoring extremist content on the Internet announced that Al-Shamrani had transmitted a quote by Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden on a social media site hours before he carried out the attack.

It is certain that Saudi Arabia will compensate the families of the victims sooner or later, even without these families filing a lawsuit before the courts, and for a simple reason, which is that the dead are Americans, and Saudi Arabia does not have in this case except to pay the price for its extremist Wahhabi ideology that trampled it in the minds of young people. The Saudis have mutilated them and turned them into human wolves that devour other peoples under the pretext of “defending” Islam and fighting infidelity and polytheism, according to Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab’s distorted vision of Islam.

But in return, those who will compensate hundreds of thousands of families, in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and in many other countries, for their sons who were killed, blew up, slaughtered, drowned, and crucified, at the hands of the Saudis, who were shipped tens of thousands, under the sight and hearing of the Saudi authorities, and with the encouragement of the sheikhs Wahhabism, to these countries?

In Iraq, for example, but not limited to, who will compensate the victims of more than 5,000 suicide bombings carried out by Saudis in this country? It is noteworthy that the suicide bomber was photographed before he undertook his criminal act, and he was proud that he would kill the Iraqis and send them to Hell. It is more striking that most of these suicide bombers had a mourning pavilion in Saudi Arabia, where their families received condolences as martyrs.

Who will replace the tens of thousands of Iraqi families whose daughters were taken as captives by the Saudis after they killed their fathers and brothers, and who were selling them for one and two dollars? All these disgusting crimes were portrayed by the Saudis, who used to boast among themselves of how they dealt brutally with their victims, meaning that the Iraqi courts do not need to search for evidence to prove the involvement of Saudis and Saudi Arabia in the atrocities committed against the Iraqi people.

Why does not Saudi Arabia compensate the families of the Iraqi victims who lost their lives at the hands of its citizens without cause? Is the inaction of the Iraqi authorities the reason? Or is the blood of Iraqis not as precious as the blood of the Americans? Why did Saudi Arabia not, not even once, acknowledge its responsibility for the terrible crimes That the graduates of its Wahhabi schools in Iraq committed, and they are in the thousands?

Saudi Arabia paying the price for the crimes of its citizens in the world not only contributes to compensating the families of the victims, but also pushes the Saudi authorities to think carefully about ending the use of Wahhabi takfiris as a tool to achieve political goals in the countries targeted by the Kingdom. But, unfortunately, what we are witnessing today in Iraq encourages Saudi Arabia to persist in this bloody policy, despite the issuance of Iraqi courts, and for years, death sentences for Saudi terrorists, these sentences have not been implemented, as these terrorists live in prisons as if they are in high-end hotels, where They spend most of their time dancing, singing, eating and sleeping !! While the families of their victims were deprived of sleep and the taste of a morsel of bread, after the Saudi terrorists choked their lives on them.


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