What is the ideal blood pressure level?


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What is the ideal blood pressure level?

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Dr. Sergey Poitsov, chief cardiologist at the Russian Ministry of Health, Director General of the National Medical Research Center of Cardiology, revealed the ideal blood pressure level.

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In an interview with “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” newspaper, the expert points out that living without fear of myocardial infarction or blood clot becomes possible if the blood pressure level is below 140/90.

“It’s best to aim for 130/80 and less,” he says.

The specialist stresses that high blood pressure is a chronic disease that cannot be completely eliminated.

He says, “But it is possible to take certain drugs, control it, and maintain a normal quality of life. This is not the result of one or two cycles of taking the drug, but this is possible by taking the drug for life.”

And Dr. Boytsov advises, to get rid of the fat accumulated in the abdominal area, because it is the most dangerous for the heart and blood vessels.

“The dangerous waist circumference for men is 102 cm and more. Women have 88 cm and more,” he says. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to physical activity and not to excessive salt consumption, to quit smoking and to reduce alcohol intake.

Source: Novosti


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