What is the fate of returning to school in Lebanon ?!


The Director of Counseling and Guidance at the Ministry of Education, Hilda Khoury, explained, in a television interview, that the meetings between the Ministries of Health and Education will begin tomorrow in order to determine the gradual return to schools, but she confirmed that this matter will not be in the first stage.

Khoury indicated that the educational sector in all countries of the world is not the last sector to return to work, pointing out that the ministry is awaiting the completion of the meetings to take the necessary decisions, explaining that these decisions will be based on scientific foundations.

Khoury pointed out that the Minister of Education and Higher Education in the caretaker government, Tareq Al-Majzoub, will announce, at the end of the week, a clear plan about blended education and the fate of the school year, explaining that there is insistence that there will be no automatic promotion this year.

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