What is behind the killing of the young Yusef Al-Masry with 30 bullets in Al-Ouzai?


Youssef Diab wrote in “Kuwaiti News”:

Three days after the murder of the activist and political researcher Luqman Salim by unknown persons with six bullets in southern Lebanon, the Ouzai area, at the southern entrance to Beirut, woke up to a new crime. At three o’clock yesterday morning, the young Yusef Mahmoud Al-Masry (43 years) A body covered in blood in his car and wounded by 30 bullets throughout his body.

According to security information, surveillance cameras showed that, when the victim tried to get on his BMW at the southern entrance to the Ouzai area and along the wall of Beirut International Airport, an unidentified car arrived and stopped near the victim’s car and whoever was inside fired 30 rounds of a military machine gun at Al-Masry’s car, He was hit by three bullets in the chest from the left side, as he died, and the security forces came to the scene of the accident, while an ambulance took him to the Great Prophet Hospital.

The Appellate General Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, placed her hand on the investigation, and assigned the Ouzai platoon in the Internal Security Forces to conduct preliminary investigations, gather information, and control surveillance cameras to know the type of the car and its owner and determine the identity of who was inside, and also instructed her to listen to the victim’s family to find out if he has Personal discounts with someone, and it ordered that the victim’s phone be set and the last calls made or received by the victim in the past hours.

Judicial sources told Al-Anbaa that the murder of Al-Masry was of a personal nature, and had no connection or link with a crime and the assassination of political activist Luqman Salim, given that Al-Masry works in the field of car repair.


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