What did the stars of the Saudi World Cup say?


The evening of the “Saudi Cup” races in its second edition on Saturday night witnessed the establishment of a number of millions of runs in terms of awards and in terms of international classification, through which Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Japan were able to obtain two victories for each of them, and the feelings of the winners after the victory confirmed the high organization of the occasion. Globalism.The Saudi Cup held the conclusion

The Irish imagination “David Igen”, who led the horse “honorable” to win the second edition of the “Saudi Cup”, the most expensive in the world, with a prize of $ 20 million, affirmed that it was the greatest and most important victory in his sports career, and added: “It is a great thing to achieve this distinguished victory in My career, and went on: “Musharraf started walking quietly and then interacted a lot and responded to the race, and I was responsive to him in focusing on the race track, and it is my pleasure to congratulate the owner Prince Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Faisal and the trainer, William Mott, whom I would like to thank a lot.” To give me the opportunity and complete information to lead a horse in such a strong race. ”

Teddy Gossden, assistant global trainer, John Gossden, the horse coach, Musharraf, the winner of the Cup, expressed his great admiration for King Abdulaziz Square, describing it as the best field in the world, and said: “The horse’s performance indicators were more than positive in his previous training, and they planted optimism in us. With victory, we are extremely happy to win this precious cup, which imagination had an important role in achieving because of its good handling of the race and choosing the right time to pounce on the lead. ”


The English “Holly Doyle”, the horse cavalry “Trouself” who won the “NEOM Cup”, indicated that she is at the height of happiness for winning the first races of the “Saudi Cup”, stressing that the mare was at its best, especially in the final stages of the race, and how it grabbed the lead From the horse “Chanel Maker”.

Cup 1351

Through the imagination, Willem Buick, winner of the “1351 Cup” with the horse “Space Blues” of the “Godalfin” group: “His horse is highly capable, and his acceleration was excellent, which helped him to win against strong and heroic horses.

Red Sea Cup run

Imagination, Pat Cosgraph, said, “My delay in starting the race with the horse,” Gifts of Gold, ”gave us the opportunity to uncover the conditions of the race and choose the right time to progress, as the horse’s acceleration was excellent at the end of the journey, and here I must thank the trainer Saeed bin Surour Who gives me all help. ”

Emirati coach Saeed bin Suroor stressed that Saudi races are moving in an ascending line, and that the Emiratis will work to support and develop these races, pointing to the horse, “Gives of Gold”, which has performed well in past races and was more present at the evening of the “Saudi Cup”, and that the imagination According to his leadership to win against the elite of the world’s horses coming to Saudi Arabia.

Run “Horse Racing Club”

The veteran imagination “Wagberto Ramos” expressed his happiness for winning the “Horse Racing Club | Equivalence” on horseback of the Saudi production “Al-Bathali” for Prince Faisal bin Khalid, thanking God for this opportunity, and stated: “We expected Al-Bathali to win, and we Help me get back in the race after he’s retreated. ”

Abaya Cup

Imagination Adel Al-Faridi expressed an indescribable feeling of winning with “Mubasher Al-Khaledia” as the “Abaya Cup”, and stated: “The run was very fast, but I did not hurry on my horse, whose response was excellent in the stages of the decisive stage.”

Prince Fahd bin Khalid bin Sultan, General Supervisor of the “Prince Sultan Arabian Horse Festival” gave the highest meanings of thanks and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince – may God preserve them – for their support for equestrian sports, which the country began to reap its benefits locally and internationally.

This came in a statement to His Highness after the horse “Mubasher Al-Khalidiya” won the cup, indicating that the Al-Khalidiya stables will continue their work to achieve more victories under the direct guidance of His Highness Prince Khalid bin Sultan, the first supporter of the stables. For the hero “Mubasher Al-Khalidiya.”

Coach Mutlaq bin Musharraf said: “The Abaya Cup” is the best cup that I have in my training career, because it bears the name of the Persians that King Abdulaziz united the country on its way. He expressed his happiness with the achievements of the Khaldiya stable in all forums led by Prince Khalid bin Sultan, who brought him to the world, and also dedicated victory to the country that excelled in the production of humans and horses together.

Saudi Derby

Through the imagination, “Keita Tosaki,” winner of the “Saudi Derby”, said: “I feel very happy to win the” Saudi Derby “in my first participation here on King Abdulaziz Square with the horse” Pink Camiha “, and to retain the title in Japanese for the second time, despite the strong competition with Others. ”

Riyadh Cup for Speed

Imagination “Willem Buick” described the evening of the “Saudi Cup” very beautiful, noting that the victory of his horse, “Kobano King” is a great victory for him with a Japanese horse for the first time outside of Japan, and added in the conclusion of his words: “In fact, the Japanese horses are very advanced.


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