What are the signs of a caffeine allergy?


27 – February – 2021

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Al-Quds Al-Arabi: If one cup of coffee makes you feel nervous, shaky, or anxious, you may have an allergy to caffeine.

Caffeine sensitivity can result from factors such as genetics and pregnancy. Although not usually dangerous, it can be annoying and uncomfortable.

Caffeine sensitivity occurs when you feel the effect of caffeine quickly or when you consume too little, according to Business Insider.

“An allergy to caffeine can make people feel the effects of caffeine more intensely than anyone less sensitive,” says Morgan Claire, a dietitian at Sprint Kitchen. For some people, one cup of coffee may look like three or four cups.

One of the main causes of caffeine sensitivity is heredity. There is an enzyme in the liver that is responsible for 95% of the body’s metabolism of caffeine. There are two types of this enzyme, and single copy carriers may metabolize caffeine more slowly and thus experience its effects for a longer period of time.

In addition, it may be easier for receptors in the brain to bind to caffeine molecules, says Gina Lijphart Rhodes, PhD, who is also a nurse at Nurse Together.

Signs of a caffeine allergy range from slight irritation to severe development. According to Roads, symptoms of a caffeine allergy include: headache, insomnia, a rapid or high heart rate, anxiety, and tension.

While most of these signs are harmless, when symptoms such as a fast heartbeat accompany health conditions such as heart disease, they can be dangerous.

And if you are allergic to caffeine, you should also avoid foods that contain caffeine. Although the caffeine content is not often mentioned on the label, a quick search for specific foods should give you the information you need.


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