Watch .. Safaa Sultan’s first response to her controversial statements


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Watch .. Safaa Sultan’s first response to her controversial remarks, today, Tuesday, February 9, 2021 10:27 PM

Actress Safaa Sultan raised a state of widespread controversy due to her statements about the marriage of minors after she told about her marital experience and that she got married at the age of less than 18 years, which is interpreted by some as agreeing to the so-called marriage of minors.Safaa responded, in her first comment via the et program in Arabic, saying: My words were interpreted inaccurately as I was telling about my experience, which is not necessarily a generalized matter.

And Safaa added: You explain my words that I agree and support the marriage of minors, which is not true.

It is noteworthy that Safaa Sultan has been attacked ferociously because of her statement, which some have interpreted as supporting underage marriage and is against the law.

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