(Watch) Nissan’s improved hybrid system reduces municipal carbon dioxide emissions


Announced April It achieved 50 percent thermal efficiency for the next generation of e-Power hybrid technology, as RoadShow explains, most modern gasoline engines have a thermal efficiency of around 40 percent – in other words, only 40 percent of the energy they generate when burning fuel turns into motion. The rest is converted to waste, such as heat and emissions, which means their technology can lead to lower emissions.

I managed Car manufacturer Of achieving higher thermal efficiency, because its electronic power system does not operate like conventional gas engines

– It does not power the car itself, and instead acts as a dedicated generator for the technology’s electronic powertrain, this means that the engine can operate at its highest efficiency range all the time, allowing it to burn a more dilute mixture of air and fuel at a high pressure ratio. For conventional engines, air fuel dilution varies according to different operating conditions.

Toshihiro Hirai, senior vice president of Nissan’s Engine and Electric Vehicle Engineering Division, told reporters:

It took 50 years to increase Thermal efficiency (For traditional motors) from 30% to 40%, but with e-Power we can increase it to 50% in several years, this has been a goal for the engineering community, ”describing this level as the difficult end goal.

Nissan previously stated that it aims to have an electric version of all its new models in major markets by the early 2030s and that it hopes to achieve Carbon neutrality By 2050.

Nissan’s electrification strategy encourages development Electronic motors And high-performance batteries for electric vehicles, where electronic energy is another important strategic pillar.

The company has yet to announce when the electronic power system will be launched with an efficiency of 50%, but it has launched an all-new Note powered by the current version of e-Power In Japan in December.

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