Watch Al-Ittihad and Al-Faisaly match broadcast live today in the Saudi Professional League


Follow the live broadcast of the Al-Ittihad and Al-Faisali match through Koura Day. Today, Al-Ittihad will meet with his Al-Faisali counterpart, in an important meeting for the two teams, and the meeting will host King Abdulaziz Stadium in a match within the confrontations of the twentieth round of Saudi League For professionals.

Live coverage of Al-Ittihad and Al-Faisali match will be broadcast live on Saudi Sports Channel HD2 with the voice of commentator Hammad Al-Enezi, which will start today, Tuesday, February 23, 2021, at 7 pm, Mecca time.

Kora Day provides a live broadcast service for the Al-Ittihad and Al-Faisali match, and we will be in a momentary follow-up to the events of this strong meeting on the air so that you will always be informed of the result.

Al-Ittihad and Al-Faisaly match broadcast live

The Al-Ittihad team aspires to continue the series of victories and good results through which it was able to enter again with the elders in the golden square, and the hope of its competition for the title still exists even if it was weak. Al-Dean’s score reached 32 points in the fourth, 9 points ahead of first-placed youth, and winning the match today will raise the Tigers to third place, surpassing Al-Ahly by one point, and will reduce the difference between him and the top of the standings by 6 points only.

While Al-Faisali team is trying to escape from the bottom of the table after it was already able to win in the last round against Damak with two clean goals, Al-Faisali is in twelfth place with only 23 points, one point ahead of the centers leading to the relegation, and today’s match in front of the brigadier is a decisive factor in his league career Al-Faisali is highly dependent on the professional team’s duo, Roman Amalfitalo and Julio Navares, so that they can resolve the match and come out with a positive result in front of the Jeddah Tigers.

The last match between today’s competitors in the fifth round of the league championship witnessed a thrilling draw with a taste of victory for Al-Faisali after Guillermo Augusto scored a tie for Al-Faisali in the 90th minute.

The two teams met in the professional league championship 21 times, before the highly anticipated confrontation today, and their results came close as Al-Ittihad managed to win 8 times, while Al-Faisaly settled 7 matches in its favor, and tied in 6 games.


Al Ittihad squad: Grohe – Hamad – Hijazi – Ziyad – Saud – Al Aboud – Al Malki – Karim – Fahd – Romarinho – Brezhovich.

Al-Faisali lineup: Mustafa Malaikah – Abdullah Al-Hassan – Rafael Da Silva – Iqour Rossi – Muhammad Qasim – Hisham Fayek – Alexander Merkel – Ahmed Ashraf – Roman Amalfento – Guillerme Agosto 0


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