Watch … a famous crying moment on the snap of “Amira Al-Nasser”: “You put my head down for fame and followers”


Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip was spotted, the moment of crying famous Snapchat, Meshaal Al-Khalidi, because of his famous wife, “Amira Al-Nasser”, and this comes after she took off the veil and announced her separation from her husband, “Al-Khalidi.”

And “Al-Khalidi” said in the video: “God suffices and blesses the agent in you because you put my head down, for the followers and fame,” as he put it.

Al-Khalidi added: “I do not want followers, nor fame, nor do I want documentation, if this is at the expense of my dignity,” which aroused the sympathy of his followers with him after he entered into a crying fit.

Princess Al-Nasser participated in a video clip, in which she surprised her followers by taking off her veil, saying: “The veil was unjust to me and I saw my life,” and this comes after announcing her separation from her husband, “Mishaal al-Khalidi.”


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