“VOX Cinemas” launches shows in partnership with the “Dubai Autism Center” – Think and Art – Culture


VOX Cinemas, as part of its partnership with the Dubai Autism Center, has announced the launch of film screenings suitable for people with sensory disorders, a unique cinematic experience designed specifically to make cinema-goers more inclusive and accessible to all.

The weekly screenings of the films will be modified and organized in a variety of appropriate ways, which will allow children with impaired sensory integration to enjoy the latest movies with their families and friends in a favorable and comfortable environment.

Performances suitable for people with sensory disorders will see some aspects of the films modified, including reducing the sound, adopting dim lighting throughout the screening period, removing advertisements and receiving a small number of visitors in the cinema, in order to reduce excessive stimulation, and families can bring their own snacks From outside the cinema to meet the special nutritional requirements of their children.

These weekly shows will be held on Saturday at 12:00 pm in the “Kids Cinema”, the colorful hall for young moviegoers, where visitors can enjoy a wide range of films suitable for all family members and cartoon films.

“VOX Cinemas” will hold shows suitable for sensory disturbances in the UAE in “Mall of the Emirates”, “Yas Mall”, “City Center Sharjah”, “City Center Fujairah”, “Jimi Mall” and “City Center Ajman”, before launching. At the regional level.

Cameron Mitchell, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas and interim CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Leisure and Entertainment, said: “We believe that going to cinemas is a magical experience in itself and everyone should enjoy it. These new offers.

Designed to make cinema-watching easier, the sensory-friendly displays allow children with impaired sensory integration to enjoy spending quality time with family while watching their favorite movies.

This new and unique cinematic experience is an affirmation of our commitment to continue innovation and diversify our offerings in line with visitors’ opinions and new trends. ”

“We are extremely proud to collaborate with VOX Cinemas, which is known for its innovative experiences across the region,” said Mohamed Al Emadi, General Manager and Board Member of the Dubai Autism Center.

For some moviegoers, the cinema environment may be a heavy burden, as it increases the stimulation of children’s activity due to its loud noises and bright lights, but through some modifications that can be made to the structure of the place, these presentations will be suitable for children with sensory disturbances for children suffering from a defect In sensory integration and their families, not to miss the opportunity to achieve a collective experience and watch their favorite movies on the big screen.



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