Volkswagen tests autonomous driving with an ID Buzz truck!


The German company “Volkswagen” announced that it is seeking to obtain self-driving Tier 4 in service for commercial use by 2025 with the upcoming “ID Buzz” electric minivan.

Level 4 autonomous driving means that the ID Buzz electric minivan will be able to operate without human intervention, but only in specific geographical areas.”This year, for the first time, we are conducting field trials in Germany using the autonomous driving system developed by” Argo AI “using a copy of the ID Buzz,” the Arab Portal for Technical News quoted the CEO of Autonomous Driving in the company, Christian Singer, as saying.

Argo AI is a self-driving startup in which Volkswagen and Ford have invested.

“Volkswagen” said that “the commercial use of” ID Buzz “would be similar to that of” Moia “, a transportation company that was launched in 2016 and is part of the Volkswagen Group.”Moia, which has its own electric truck, operates in shared transportation in two German cities.

With the announcement, Volkswagen also released a schematic diagram of an autonomous test vehicle that Germans might see on the road at any moment.

The company plans to unveil the “ID Buzz” truck in Qatar in conjunction with the World Cup events, to be used as a public transport option, while running on semi-fixed roads.

Source: Arab portal for technical news


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