View | Why do Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos care about space?


Bezos, who will step down as CEO of Amazon this year, is expected to accelerate his efforts in space travel through his company Blue Origin, whose slogan reads, in part, “Earth, in all its beauty, is only we have a place to go.”

Like SpaceX, Blue Origin is working on reusable payloads and orbital launch vehicles, as well as on moon landing technology, to achieve what Mr. Bezos once called “low-cost access to space.” Blue Origin executives said recently that the company is about to go into space with humans.

Mr Bezos’ most extravagant idea, revealed in 2019, is a vision of space colonies – rotating cylinders floating out there with all kinds of environments.

“These are very large structures, miles from their end, each housing a million or more people,” he said, noting that they aim to relieve pressure on the ground and help make it more livable.

Perhaps it is good for space innovation that two billionaires are moving away and are attracting all kinds of startups, investments, and interest in the region. But all of their frantic aggression has recently been overshadowed by two amazing efforts by NASA.


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