Video- What is the leader’s first comment on the performance of the play “Body Guard”? … Rami Imam answers


Director Rami Imam said that his first theater directing experience, through the play “Body Guard” by Adel Imam, was a great challenge for him, due to its performance after the play “The Leader”, which achieved wide success.

Ramy Imam added in his interview with the journalist Sobhi Otri in the mbc trending program, that the challenge was largely technical as well, which is how it is produced at a modern technical level, especially because it is very showy and relied on new decorations, noting that Adel Imam’s performance at that time was very high .

Rami Imam explained that the leader’s role in the play is based on the story of the famous movie “Body Guard”, with the comedic irony of the fact that the character “Adham” presented by Adel Imam is not fit to be a bodyguard.
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Imam confirmed that his family was wondering when the play that had been filmed since 2010 would be shown, especially Adel Imam, who was eager to show it, and he used to ask this question to the producing company constantly, so that he knew when it was shown to the public, and that the first comment came from everyone in the house, including the leader. When they heard the news of the show, the word was “wow.”

The son of Adel Imam confirmed that his father always deviated from the text in his plays, such as the drink bottle scene in the play “Watch What I Saw,” and others, and therefore “Body Guard” is full of deviations from the text.
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It is worth noting that the events of the play revolve around the prisoner Adham, who makes a deal inside the prison with the businessman Saad, who is accused of stealing 700 million pounds, under which he works as a bodyguard for Saad’s wife, who falls in love with Adham, and after a while Saad discovers his wife’s betrayal and tries to fabricate an accusation for Adham and escape with what He stole money.

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