Video | Samira Said tells the story of her falling into the pool


The artist arrived Samira Said, A guest on “The Biography” program, presented by the media Wafaa Al Kilani, And it is broadcast on the DMC channel screen.

Samira Saeed narrated the scenes of the most difficult situation she faced in her life, when she was 12 years old.

Samira Said said that she was preparing to sing at the royal palace ceremony, and that she was staying with her colleagues in the “Diamond” band in a major hotel in Fez, Morocco.

Samira Saeed continued that after she finished preparing her looks to sing and go to the palace, she was surprised by one of her colleagues calling her, and when she approached him, he pushed her, and she fell in the pool, so she started screaming and collapsed and quarreled with him at the time.

It is worth noting that Samira Said’s latest work, “Bheb Maak”, was the first song in her new album, written by Mahmoud Talaat, composed by Ahmed Al-Adl, and arranged by Ahmed Hosam’s music, directed by Nidal Hani.


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