Video – Rania Mahmoud Yassin worries about Houria Farghali: I don’t know what you did in the operation news


Actress Rania Mahmoud Yassin said that the last time she contacted the artist Houria Farghali, two days before her travel.
Details of Houria Farghali’s dangerous operation .. it takes 9 hours and removes part of the rib cage for implantation in her nose
Rania Mahmoud Yassin continued, in an interview with Karima Awad, the media, on the “Cairo Talk” program on the “Cairo and People” channel, that Houria is currently undergoing a serious operation, for a period of 9 hours, indicating that she does not know anything about her at the present time, which raises her concern.

Rania added that she was waiting to be reassured by a member of her family, and Houria told her that she would talk to her as soon as she recovered, because she would stay in the hospital for two continuous weeks, confirming that once she was satisfied with her, she would reassure the audience through social media.

It is noteworthy that the operation that Houria Farghali will undergo will take approximately 9 full hours, with the doctor cutting some bones from the nymph Farghali chest cage to implant them in her nose, especially since she suffers from no bones in the nose, given that she has undergone several surgeries for the past period. It has not been completely cured.

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