Video and photos .. The moon appears in rare and amazing shots


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Saudi News Today 04/2021

Video and photos .. The moon appears in rare and amazing shots

Footage taken by a Russian astronaut
Video and photos .. The moon appears in rare and amazing shots

Citizen – translated by: Omar Raafat


Amazing footage filmed by a Russian astronaut on the International Space Station showed the moon appearing to shrink and disappear, in a rare, previously undetected sight.

And according to the British newspaper the Daily Mail, this amazing cosmic phenomenon, known as the orbital sunset of the Moon was captured from space by Sergey Svereshkov, who shared the video on social media.

the moon

The moon appears differently

In the video, the moon begins to shrink slowly until it takes the form of a pie and disappears in the dark, but what actually happens is that the moon is slowly disappearing behind the horizon of the earth, and the distortions are caused by the blue atmosphere.

the moon

Sverchekov has been an astronaut with Roscosmos since 2010 and is currently working for the International Space Station as an aeronautical engineer, and he indicated that the video was shot at night, so the Earth’s horizon is not visible in the frame, and in 2014, Sverchekov participated in the space agency CAVS mission European and also participated in the Pangea program in November 2018.

The moon is strange in shape

It is not the first time that the Moon appears distorted or oddly shaped when viewed from the space station – and is present in Earth’s atmosphere.

the moon

And NASA said that this could happen because it is seen through the thick layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, which acts as a lens, which leads to the bending of moonlight at different angles, and when the light moves through a regular medium such as the atmosphere of a planet, it travels at a constant speed in a straight line movement .

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