Video … a health spokesman reveals how dangerous it is to take the Corona vaccine to infected people without their knowledge


Al-Marsad Newspaper: A spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, explained today, Sunday, that there is no risk of taking the vaccine for people infected with Coronavirus without their knowledge.

Al-Abd al-Aali added: “Whoever has a suspicion, suspicion, or expectation that he may have been infected, but is not sure of the symptoms, and there was no medical diagnosis at that time. Any link between taking the vaccine and this matter ”.

And he continued: “And even those who have been infected with the virus for sure and have recovered from it, the recommendation is to get a dose after 6 months have passed because this period is a period of natural immunity that they have developed, so the second dose is in their right to activate this matter and it is not dangerous for them if they get it after recovery. Therefore, it is not at all true that there are risks associated with this matter.


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