Urgent Imposing custody of Ahmed Zaki’s wealth at the request of his brothers, Madam


Despite the issuance of an official inheritance declaration to grant the entire artist’s estate Haitham Ahmed Zaki To his half-brother Rami Barakat As the sole legitimate heir, the Giza Urgent Appellant Court responded to the request of the late artist’s brothers Ahmed Zaki And it issued an urgent ruling imposing receivership on the properties of the late artist Ahmed Zaki.

Rami Barakat
The court did not accept Rami Barakat’s appeal against the ruling

Lawyer Muhammad Hassan Al-Anwar, Director of Hassan Al-Anwar Law Firm, said that Rami Barakat tried to appeal the ruling that prevents him from disposing of the money and real estate transferred to him through his brother Haitham, but the judgment was issued accepting the appeal in form and in the matter by rejecting it and supporting the judgment of imposing custody.

He pointed out that the ruling was issued in favor of Ahmed Zaki’s sisters to impose judicial receivership on the estate of the artist Ahmed Zaki, and it includes cars, apartments, and the possessions and heritage of the artist Ahmed Zaki inside them. Rami Ezz El-Din did not accept this ruling and appealed against him with an appeal.

The North Giza Court had issued a ruling imposing judicial receivership on all the late artist’s property, and appointing a judicial guard to receive the legacy.

The ruling came based on a lawsuit from the artist Ahmed Zaki’s sisters, that there is a risk in the event that the property remains under the hands of Rami Ezz El-Din, the half-brother of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki.

Rami Barakat
Rami Barakat inherited Ahmed Zaki’s entire fortune, according to his son Haitham

It is noteworthy that Ramy Barakat shocked everyone in November of last year by announcing the disappearance of all Ahmed Zaki’s belongings, despite his previous promise to give them to the Egyptian Ministry of Culture in preparation for establishing a special museum for the brown star. the missing.

Rami Barakat confirmed that he had asked his former lawyer to take back Ahmed Zaki’s possessions and he did not respond, explaining that the artistic legacy of the late artist is invaluable and he wanted to hand it over to the Ministry of Culture.

He added during a telephone conversation with the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, broadcast on the first channel of Egypt: I did not sell any possessions of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, and any inheritance of the great artist’s holdings in the Al-Haram apartment, and the engineers ’apartment was evacuated and there are no holdings there.

He continued, confirming that the lawyer made televised statements concerning “Haitham” without referring to him, pointing out: “The lawyer took the possessions of the late artist Ahmed Zaki, to send them to the Ministry of Culture, and they have not been delivered yet.”

Rami said that he refuses to leave any possessions of the late artist Ahmed Zaki from Egypt, adding: “The siblings of the artist Ahmed Zaki want to give them their right in every need, which I wanted from the beginning and was not implemented.”

Rami Barakat announced that the attorneys and authorizations issued by him to Mr. Bilal Abdel-Ghani, the lawyer, have all been canceled, indicating that he is no longer legally representing him.

He added, after the spread of information about attempts to buy Ahmed Zaki’s heritage, including clothes, film scenarios, and even previous films, from an unknown businessman, who contacted lawyer Abdul Ghani, the legal representative of Rami, who had all of Haitham’s properties devolved to him, and by extension the properties of his father, the late artist Ahmed Zaki, as well. For 2 million dollars.

The Counselor Alaa Abed Foundation for Advocates, Legal Consultations and Commercial and International Arbitration noted that during the month of November 2019, our client Rami Ezz El-Din Abdullah Mohamed Barakat and the legitimate heir of the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, son of the late artist Ahmed Zaki, edited several agencies of Mr. Bilal Abdel Ghani Syed Ahmed and Mr. Mohamed Bilal Abdul-Ghani Syed Ahmed (the two lawyers), in order to initiate some matters and issues related to the transfer of his estate, which was transferred to him through the legal inheritance of the late Haitham Ahmed Zaki.

The Foundation added: Our client Rami Ezz El-Din Barakat was surprised to use these agencies in bad faith, to damage him, to sell some property and to dispose of others, which led him to cancel it.

The Foundation has taken all legal measures to preserve the rights of its client and recover all of his property, and the Foundation will work to recover all the rights of its client Rami Barakat from the properties, real estate, holdings and movables that he legally inherited from his brother, the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki.

The Foundation believes that the heritage and collectibles left by the late artist Ahmed Zaki and his son, the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, whether they were personal belongings used by the late artist Ahmed Zaki during his life, or the unique artistic collections left by the late artist, they are considered the property of the Egyptian people and the original Egyptian art.

To this end, the Foundation contacted Amr Hindi, the buyer of the property of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki on Al-Ahram Street, and it was agreed with him to hand over any belongings in the property above to the Ministry of Culture in preparation for the inauguration of a museum for the late artist. Procedures for collecting holdings.

On the other hand, our client Rami Barakat has a comprehensive and documented inventory of all the holdings acquired by his former agent, Bilal Abdel-Ghani, the lawyer, and all necessary measures have been taken against him. the public.

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