Umm Kulthum’s grandson detonates surprises about the East planet


Grandson revealedEast planetUmm Kulthum has new secrets about her.

Khaled Samir Khaled grandson said East planet Her real name is Umm Kulthum Ibrahim Syed Al-Beltagy, and not as it is rumored that he is “Fatima”, citing a copy of her birth certificate.

He pointed out during a report broadcast by “Al-Arabiya” satellite channel, that she owned a farm named “Umm Kulthum,” saying the declaration of heredity proves that.

He also announced her real age at the time of her death, saying she died at the age of 71 and not 76 as was rumored, confirming that her real date of birth is May 4, 1904, not late December, 1898.

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