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"UEFA" An investigation opens after Brahhi was exposed ...

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European Football Association (UEFA) said today, Wednesday, that it has opened an investigation into the racist abuse of Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic during a match against Red Star Belgrade in

Source: Reuters

European Football Association (UEFA) said on Wednesday that it had opened an investigation into the exposure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic Milan striker for racist abuse during a match against Red Star Belgrade in Serbia in the European League last week.

Serbian media reported that Ibrahimovic, who is of Bosnian descent, was abused by a person sitting in the VIP area of ​​the Red Star Stadium in the match on February 18th.

“An inspector from the Committee on Values ​​and Discipline was appointed today to conduct an investigation into the facts that witnessed a match in the 32nd round of the European League,” UEFA said in a statement.

The match was held without fans due to Covid-19 restrictions, and Ibrahimovic was sitting in the stadium’s western amphitheater behind the bench, next to Milan’s reserve players and the coaching staff.

Sattar’s response to Ibrahimovic apologized to Ibrahimovic in a statement last week and said he would cooperate with authorities to identify the suspect.

Red Star drew 2-2 with Milan in the first leg of the 32nd round, and Ibrahimovic sat as a substitute and did not participate in the match.


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