Two conditions for those holding “Umrah” permits to enter Makkah


“Al-Zaq”: a cold air mass in 4 regions and several governorates today

Monitors Urgent Newspaper The most important news of Saudi Arabia, today, Wednesday; As the leadership of the coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia, revealed: On the Saudi air defenses intercepting a booby-trapped plane launched by the “Iranian-backed” terrorist Houthi militia towards the Kingdom … and to the details:

The Cabinet approves 10 new decisions … abolishing the railways corporation … and a new radioactive waste management policy

The Council of Ministers held its meeting chaired by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, today, Tuesday, via video call. The acting Minister of Information, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, stated that the Council approved several decisions.

Saudi defenses intercept a Houthi bombed aircraft launched towards the Kingdom

Saudi air defenses intercepted a booby-trapped aircraft launched by the “Iranian-backed” terrorist Houthi militia towards the Kingdom.

The Arab Coalition Forces to Support Legitimacy in Yemen stated that the militia’s attempts to attack civilians constitute a “war crime.” The coalition leadership added: “We take operational measures to protect civilians in accordance with international humanitarian law.”

Execution of retribution in “Muhammad Al-Abbas” … Ali Al-Yami was killed with a machine gun in Najran

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Interior implemented the verdict of retribution for one of the perpetrators in Najran, after Muhammad bin Zafer bin Mani ‘al-Abbas (a Saudi national) killed Ali bin Muhammad bin Saleh al-Yami (a Saudi national), by shooting him with a machine gun because of a dispute between them ; What led to his death.

The security authorities were able to arrest the aforementioned perpetrator, and an investigation resulted in him being charged with his crime. And by referring him to the General Court, a deed was issued against him requiring the evidence of what was attributed to him, and the verdict of death as retribution, and the postponement of its fulfillment until the attainment and maturity of the minors of the heirs of the deceased, and their demand with the rest of the heirs to fulfill the punishment.

In two residential villas in Riyadh .. Detention of clinics violating the practice of the dental profession

Riyadh Health, in cooperation with the security services, seized migrant workers who ran home clinics in violation of teeth in two residential villas.

Riyadh Health clarified that, based on a notification received by the Compliance Department, the two violating signatories were identified and seized. Where violating workers in the dental profession were caught in two of their own clinics; In contravention, he is not authorized to practice the profession or license a clinic.

“General Security”: Two conditions for those holding a “Umrahma” application permit to enter Makkah

General Security called on citizens and residents who have a permit to perform Umrah or pray in the Grand Mosque, through the application of “Umrah.” To abide by the deadline.

General Security stressed, through its Twitter account, the necessity of adhering to precautionary measures and preventive measures, in order to allow entry to the Holy Capital through security control centers of the Special Forces for Road Security.

“Insurances” There are many advantages of establishing the contractual relationship for workers in establishments

The General Insurance Corporation explained the advantages of its decision to oblige employers when registering a Saudi subscriber through the establishment’s account in the online insurance, to prove the contractual relationship through documenting the subscriber’s contract.

The Assistant Governor for Insurance Affairs, Mr. Nader Al-Wahaibi, had previously explained that the Corporation had begun to implement the obligation of the employer when registering a Saudi subscriber to document the subscriber’s work contract, as part of the required registration steps.

“Al-Zaq”: a cold air mass in 4 regions and several governorates today, Wednesday

A member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, Dr. Khaled Al-Zaq, has expected; The Kingdom’s exposure to cold air mass, with which the temperatures drop at a sharp rate, and continue until the end of the week.

Al-Zaq said, on his Twitter account, “Today, a cold air mass, with which temperatures drop to a desperate rate, and will continue for the weekend at the northern borders, Tabuk, Tarif, Arar, Rafha, Al-Hafar, Al-Jawf, Hail, Al-Qassim … and the rest of the areas are a significant decrease.

Low temperatures … and Al-Hussaini expects rain and snow

Weather and climate expert Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini expected, today, Wednesday, that the temperature will gradually begin to decrease with varying light to medium rains in several regions of the Kingdom, indicating the possibility of snowfall in the Tabuk and northern heights.

Al-Hussaini said, through his official account on the “Twitter” website: “It is expected from today, Wednesday 5/7/1442 AH, that the temperature will gradually begin to decrease in the regions of Makkah, Hail and Qassim, and the amount of decrease is from (7) degrees to (11) degrees from what was recorded yesterday, Tuesday. 4/7/1442 AH ».

The Crisis and Disaster Center warns of a two-day rains in Makkah

Today, Wednesday, the Crisis and Disaster Center in the Emirate of Makkah called upon everyone to take caution and caution, and to avoid torrential streams and catchment areas, given that the area is exposed to rain today and tomorrow.

The Emirate of Makkah said, through its official account on the “Twitter” website: “The Crisis and Disaster Center in the Emirate of Makkah calls upon everyone to take precautions and avoid floods and areas of gathering water, given that the Makkah region was exposed to a rainy state on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the report issued by the National Center of Meteorology. ».

4 conditions for benefiting from the program to support the transfer of working women … and a “goal” that clarifies improvements

The Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” indicated the most prominent improvements and modifications that have been made and introduced to the program to support the transfer of working women, pointing out that the program to support the transfer of working women “Wusool” contributes to support 80% of the cost of each trip between work and home, with a maximum of 1100 riyals. Per month for beneficiaries with a monthly wage of less than 6,000 riyals, and 80% of the cost of each trip between work and home is supported, with a maximum of 1,100 riyals per month for beneficiaries with a monthly wage from 6001 to 8,000 riyals.

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