Twitter achieves record numbers during the US elections


Twitter revenue rose to 28%, to reach a record $ 1.29 billion

Twitter announced that its user base reached 192 million during the period that witnessed the US presidential elections, and at a time when it launched a campaign against the spread of disinformation, especially after the blocking of Donald Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. With this number, Twitter has increased the number of its active users during the fourth quarter of the year, which ended a few days ago with Joe Biden taking over the reins of power in the United States of America, at a rate of more than 27% compared to last year. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, confirmed that his platform remains focused on “promoting more healthy conversations for those who use our services.” “2020 was an extraordinary year for Twitter,” he added. We are more than ever proud of our service to public debate, especially in these unprecedented times. ” Twitter stated that its profits doubled compared to last year, to reach $ 222 million, after its revenue rose 28%, thus achieving a record of $ 1.29 billion. The election results had achieved a slight increase in the price of Twitter shares, which is working to enhance ads on the platform and expand its user base beyond its main audience of celebrities, journalists and politicians.


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