Turkish newspaper: Saudi Arabia is a tool to implement America’s plans in the region


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The writer Birjan Tutar added in an article published in the Turkish newspaper “Sabah”, that when the United States stumbles or wants to resort to a new strategy in the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia has always been its title and its best economic and political tool.

He pointed out that the new US President Joe Biden’s capture of the report of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul on October 2, 2018, “off the shelves and after three years,” once again proves the importance of the Saudi regime to the United States.

He stressed that the US report indicating that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the perpetrator of the Khashoggi murder means that the investment or political, military and economic exploitation of the Saudis will continue from where it stopped.

He continued, “Looking at the history of relations between the two countries, we see a cat-and-mouse game based on unilateral exploitation.” CIA, “against the Islamic world.

He pointed out that many fighters from Islamic countries were pushed to the Afghan front, with logistical support from Saudi Arabia in the American war against Soviet Russia, and in the same period the Saudis were the largest financiers of the CIA’s “green belt” project.

He added that when the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union disintegrated, the Saudis engaged in the “war on terror”, which was an American project, to redesign and dismantle the Islamic world.

He pointed out that as in the operations against Saddam Hussein in the beginning of the 1990s, and the American war on Iraq in 2003, the Saudis opened the kingdom to American bases, but with the collapse of the counterterrorism strategy, the United States carried the burden to the Saudis, and in 2011, when the Arab Spring began it was The Saudis, who are concerned about the survival of their throne, are conditional on Barack Obama’s ISIS administration project.

He mentioned that in addition to the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the chaos has deepened in Yemen, Libya, Egypt and Syria, thanks to the Saudi-American cooperation.

He added that when the United States signed a nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015, it had engaged in multiple political and military relations with Turkey, Russia, and China, but with the era of US President Donald Trump and the killing of Khashoggi, the American exploitation of Saudi Arabia appeared again.

He explained that Trump, who made the first foreign trip to Riyadh, targeted Iran again, in addition to that, the Saudis, who were very panicked by the Iranian nuclear deal during the Obama era, were assigned the task of normalizing the Arab countries with the Israeli occupation and leading the anti-Turkish camp.

He pointed out that the United States, which is able to break the Russian, Chinese and Turkish influence in the region, found the opportunity for it, with the murder of Khashoggi, to put Saudi Arabia under “full tutelage.”

On the US reopening of the Khashoggi murder file, the writer indicated that Biden wanted to maintain the continuation of the “dirty guardianship relationship” in all its aspects with Saudi Arabia.

And he added, “The United States does not aim to hold accountable the brutal murder of the journalist Khashoggi. Rather, the priority is to use this trump card to continue the process of plundering the Saudis, as it wants workers for it for its dirty projects regionally and internationally, it is the only account.”


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