Tuba Buyukston and Engin Akyurek in a romantic photo-shoot


The Turkish star participatedTuba BuyukstonA picture of her on her page on the social networking site from a photo session she underwent with the Turkish starEngin akyürekFor her, for the sake of filming the poster for the series “The Daughter of the Ambassador”, she appeared on his shoulder, smiling, staring her upward.
Today, Monday evening, a new episode of the famous Turkish series will be shown via an application, as well as the Turkish Star Channel.
And the organizers of the Turkish Ambassador’s Daughter series announced the joining of the Turkish actor, Virat Akatuj, after the start of the appearance of the actress Tuba Buyukustun in the events of the series.
Al-Promo revealed that Sultan “Anjin Akurek” began attaching to Nour, who played Tuba Buyukuston and approached her, but she accused him of causing the destruction of Narin’s life, which she was playingNeslihan Atagul​.


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