Trump asks for his trial to be canceled and Democrats accuse him of “the most serious violation of the constitution” – the Arabs and the world – the world


On Monday, Donald Trump’s lawyers asked the Senate to immediately revoke the trial of the former president, considering it a violation of the constitution and a “political play that poses a danger to democracy,” while Democratic prosecutors considered that he had committed the most serious “violation of the constitution.”

“The indictment adopted by the House of Representatives is unconstitutional in many respects, and each of these aspects alone is sufficient to immediately consider it null and out of place,” attorneys David Shawn and Bruce Castor wrote in a 78-page argument delivered to the Senate on the eve of the trial.

On January 13, the House of Representatives charged Trump with “incitement to revolt”, making him the Republican billionaire, the only US president twice charged with a trial in the Senate in proceedings that could lead to his removal.

Senators will go through an unprecedented experience when they meet to decide whether to remove a president who is no longer in office and who remains a center of gravity in his party, even without the power that was bestowed upon him by the White House.

And on Monday, the Democratic lawmakers who are in charge of the prosecution in Trump’s trial deemed the former president had committed “the most serious violation of the constitution by a US president” by “inciting” his supporters to attack the Capitol.

In a written argument delivered to the Senate on the eve of the trial, prosecutors asserted that his “efforts to evade his responsibility are futile,” referring to the request submitted by his lawyers, stressing that the “evidence” against him is “compelling”.



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