# Trend_Week – The incident of Amr Adeeb, the gift of Dora, and the crisis of Tamer Amin


In the race of the trend, every day a new topic appears, which occupies the public and social networking sites for hours or days.

This week was full of tech trends on social media, you may have missed some of them and were unable to find out the details of each story.

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The media, Amr Adib, worried his fans about him after he was involved in a traffic accident last Tuesday and his car crashed, and he was transferred to the hospital, see the pictures

The poet Ahmed Alaa El-Din was present at the site of the accident, and he recounted that he signed with an Arabic a copy of a transport loaded with gas tubes.

Amr Adeeb left Dar Al Fouad Hospital on the same day after conducting comprehensive medical examinations, and he also made sure that everyone was in a car transporting gas cylinders, and he was supposed to return to present his program today, Details

But what happened was that Amr Adib felt some pain yesterday evening, and went back to the “Dar Al Fouad” hospital again, to check on his health and follow up again with the doctors.

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The statements of the journalist Tamer Amin and his discussion of the overpopulation crisis in Egypt and his talk about the people of Upper Egypt caused a major crisis, which resulted in criticism on social media.

And the matter ended with the suspension of Tamer Amin’s program until the interrogation of him next Sunday, and quickly Amin came out in a video and directed his apologies to all Al-Sa`ida and everyone who felt upset about his statements, confirming that he did not intend to offend

The artist Houria Farghali is still busy with the news of her nose job.

And the latest developments are that she began to feel the sense of smell and taste after undergoing the first surgery, which is a deduction of stem cells and bones from the rib cage to be implanted in the nose to return to its normal shape.

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On Valentine’s Day, the stars race to reveal the gifts they have received, and a picture of the artist Dora caused a crisis for her.

And a picture of Dora and her husband, Engineer Hani Saad, were standing next to the 2020 Bentley Flying Spur, and some thought it was his gift to her on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

But the truth, as Dora explained, is that a car was located in front of the hotel in which they stayed during their stay in Dubai, and it is not owned or owned by her husband, for more details.

After a long absence from the music scene, the singer Mohamed Tharwat made a strong comeback and headed the YouTube Trend with his song “Ya Urgent Farakati”.

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Tharwat launched the song in conjunction with the Valentine’s Day celebrations, and quickly achieved success and high viewing rates, and collaborated with the poet Tamer Hussein and composer Mohamed Rahim.

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