Treating a vaginal yeast infection .. Here are 5 simple tips to maintain vaginal health


Most women ignore intimate hygiene because they are unaware of its importance to their health in general, and with women neglecting the importance of vaginal health, they are easily exposed to an infection called vaginal yeast and other health problems, and yeast infection can occur to anyone, but it is more common in women than men, according to what he mentioned. Site ” onlymyhealth“.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection in women:

1- Itching

2- Feeling a burning sensation.

3- Vaginal pain.

4- Vaginal secretions.

The following are simple tips to promote vaginal health that you should consider and follow to prevent vaginal yeast infection:

1- Avoid wearing tight underwear

It is important to wear loose cotton underwear because it reduces the risk of infection with a vaginal yeast infection, as loose cotton clothes maintain the health of the skin around the vagina and keep it dry, because tight clothes increase the temperature and humidity around the vagina.

2- Do not wear wet clothes

Make sure to change your clothes after exercising or swimming, especially since wet clothes lead to the multiplication of bacteria that cause infection.

3- Avoid the use of aromatic vaginal products

These products contain chemicals that can harm the health of the vagina because they change the pH level around the vagina, which may lead to a fungal infection, and perfume-free products can be used instead.

4- Excessive use of antibiotics

Excessive administration of antibiotics during colds or other viral infections causes an imbalance of the fungi and the vaginal flora bacteria.

5- Boost the immune system

To help the body resist diseases caused by fungi and bacterial infection by following a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals to enhance the body’s immunity.


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