Trailer watched the movie Cruella, due out in May


Disney revealed the official trailer for a movie CruellaAnd which starring American actress Emma Stone as Baroness, Emily Beachham who plays Anita, and Kirby Howell Baptiste in a role unknown so far, according to the report published on the site ” thedisinsider Also, English actor Mark Strong recently joined the cast of the film, which is currently being produced.

The new movie will be directed by Craig Gillespie, and the work will reach theaters on May 28, 2021, according to the report published on the website. thedisinsider “.

In another context, a state of mystery dominated the famous series recently DeadpoolAfter the merger of Disney and Fox, and some rumors spread that the movie, which ranks second in the most adult-rated films only for revenue, has been canceled, until the starring actor Ryan Reynolds confirmed the return of the famous superhero in a third part.

In a meeting with the famous hero of the series, he confirmed that the entire team is working on the new part, explaining that the third part will come with the same classification for adults only, in addition to the presence of some new characters and adding some craziness to the character who is famous for that trait in the world of superheroes.


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