Tony Abu Judeh, his brother died, or is he lying?


The Lebanese actor Tony Abu Joudeh mourned a young man named Shady, published his photo with him, and described him as a brother.

He said, “Why, brother? Why? Nothing will be like before now .. Farewell, Shady.

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As soon as he published the photo, he received a number of comments that described him as a liar because he had no brother.

Tony did not keep silent much and said: “I apologize for the confusion. What happened next, what you wrote before. Many people think that my brother died..I’m a lonely boy.

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And he continued: “Shadi Abdel-Sater was one of them .. God have mercy on a great loss.”

We are surprised by the hurtful comments of Tariq, who lost a dear friend and described his brother because he had a brother and for many years they brought them together, sharing joy, sadness and pain.

How long have we reached that no being is forbidden to mourn, cry, or describe a person as he wanted!


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