Tom Hanks in his first appearance after his name was excluded from the nominations for the Golden Globe Awards – Day Seven


02/17 13:55

Actor Tom Hanks walking through the streets of St. Monica, California, appeared during his first appearance after his name was excluded from the list of nominations for the Golden Globe Awards, as the Daily Mail confirmed during his last report after being spotted by paparazzi’s eyes that the famous actor seemed comfortable while he was walking alone for the first time after News that his name is not among the nominations for the Golden Globe Awards.

Tom Hanks

And the world star Tom Hanks’ new movie, News of the WorldRevenues amounted to 10 million and 875 thousand in the United States of America only, as the work was launched on December 25 of last year, while the company did not disclose Universal The product for him, about the date of his arrival in the rest of the world so far.

A movie is set to arrive News of the WorldDuring the coming period, to a large number of countries of the world that did not have to close their cinemas due to the Corona virus, which has spread since last year, and has led to the cessation of the screening of various films around the world.

Tom Hanks 1

It also held the producing company Universal PicturesA deal with Netflix to release the movie, without revealing a date yet.

WidorFilm News of the World At a point in time following the end of the Civil War, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks), a veteran of three wars, moves from town to town as a non-fictional storyteller, sharing news of presidents and queens, glorious enmities, disasters, and adventures Sweeping the world.


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