Today’s news – a vaccine expert urges Merkel to get AstraZenka vaccination on air!


Breaking news Today’s news – Vaccine expert urges Merkel to vaccinate with AstraZenka on air! News source – dw With details of the news, a vaccine expert urges Merkel to vaccinate with AstraZenka on the air! :

Today’s news – A high-ranking German vaccine specialist urged his country to extend its approval of the AstraZeneca vaccine for the elderly, and suggested that Chancellor Angela Merkel receive the vaccine live on television, explaining the reasons for his proposal.

The Secretary-General of the German Society for Immunology, Karsten Watzl, said, in an interview with the BBC broadcast today (Sunday 28 February 2021), that the German organizers of the vaccination process are likely to reverse the current course, related to the hesitation of many citizens Before receiving Astrazhnica vaccine. He pointed to recent data from Scotland indicating that the elderly are protected from severe disease after receiving the British Swedish drug. “If Angela Merkel were to broadcast the process of receiving the vaccine live, that would be great,” he added.

In a recent interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” newspaper, the 66-year-old Merkel said she was too old to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine according to current German guidelines. She admitted that there is a problem in the country with the public acceptance of the AstraZeneca vaccine, but stressed that it is “a reliable, effective and safe vaccine.”

In a related context, the head of the Coronavirus Vaccination Committee in Germany revealed that the authority is studying the return of its decision not to give AstraZeneca doses to elderly people over the age of 65, after a study showed its effectiveness in this age group.

When asked Friday evening whether it would be possible to allow everyone to receive doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine after the findings of the latest study, Thomas Mertens, chair of the committee, said, “It is possible and we will do it.” “The committee will publish an update of its recommendations very soon,” he said, adding that he is awaiting details from the authors of the study that was conducted in Scotland.

Last month, the committee announced that it recommends restricting vaccination with AstraZeneca doses to those under the age of sixty-five, due to the lack of sufficient data on the effectiveness of this vaccine in elderly people over the age of 65 years.

The European Medicines Agency, the European Union’s regulatory body, has previously recommended the administration of AstraZeneca doses to adults and the elderly of all groups. After the request for AstraZeneca declined due to the publication of confused information about its effectiveness, doctors and public health authorities appealed to the German body to approve the British-Swedish vaccine.

Tests have shown that the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine is 60 percent, while studies have shown that the effectiveness of the Pfizer / Baiontcomoderna vaccine is 95 percent. But the British vaccine has an advantage in terms of storage, as it does not require extreme cold temperatures, and can be stored in regular refrigerators.

Mertens justified the decision not to recommend the introduction of the AstraZeneca vaccine for the elderly by the absence of sufficient data at the time. He continued, “We have never criticized the vaccine,” and this is “very good.”

A recently published study by the University of Edinburgh showed that within four weeks of receiving the first dose, the Pfizer vaccine reduced hospitalization rates due to COVID-19 by 85 percent, while AstraZeneca reduced it by 94 percent.

The study also showed that vaccination led since the fourth week to reduce hospitalizations among elderly people over the age of 80 years by an average of 81 percent, based on the combination of the results of the two vaccines.

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