To limit the spread of Corona … Kuwait takes “urgent” preventive decisions


وقرر Kuwaiti Cabinet Close all commercial activities from eight in the evening to five in the morning of the following day, with the exception of pharmacies and outlets for shopping food and health and supply supplies.

The cabinet also decided to close restaurant reception halls from eight in the evening to five in the morning of the next day, provided that external orders and delivery would be satisfied.

The government also announced the suspension of work in health clubs, personal care stores, salons, barber shops and spas.

All activities related to celebrations, renting halls, tents and other occasions that require large gatherings have been suspended.

The Council of Ministers called on sports federations to stop sports activities and friendly matches until further notice.

In addition, non-Kuwaitis were prevented from entering the country for a period of two weeks, starting on February 7, then starting on February 21, and for a full month, all arrivals will be required to undergo institutional quarantine at the expense of the traveler for a week, to be completed with a home quarantine.

And she was Saudi Ministry of InteriorIt has announced the temporary suspension of entry of non-citizens, diplomats and their families for those coming from 20 countries.

An official source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior said, on Tuesday, that it had been decided to “temporarily suspend entry into the Kingdom – for non-citizens, diplomats, health practitioners and their families – for those coming from 20 countries in the context of preventive measures against the outbreak of the Coronavirus.”


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