To explain the reasons for MPs receiving the vaccine in a roundabout way and opening the door for the private sector to import


The Phalanges’ Political Bureau held its periodic meeting headed by the party leader, Sami Gemayel, and after deliberation, the following statement was issued: – The police state is rooted in Lebanon, and its last chapters were summoning the media and the media to something like investigation in the House of Representatives or something like dictation in some unions or other platforms that are supposed to preach freedom, or by attaching the accusation of terrorism to the demonstrators in Tripoli in an open attempt to intimidate and prevent them From raising their voice to achieving their most basic rights to a decent life in their homeland.

The Phalanges Party condemns these reactionary and repressive behaviors, and affirms that what the physical liquidation failed to achieve will not be able to be overcome by the miserable intimidation, as time is the time of the free. – Bkerke is being exposed to an unjustified attack from parties that disregard the contents of the speech issued by the Patriarch to correct the position that declares the fact that Lebanon is kidnapped and needs to restore its role after it witnessed the complete disintegration of all institutions and components of the state and entity.
From here, the Phalangist Politburo reaffirms the need to stabilize Lebanon’s neutrality and keep it away from the consequences of any negotiations taking place in the region, chief among them the Iranian nuclear file, provided that the international community gives Lebanon the necessary attention to implement the international decisions that protect its sovereignty.

– Faced with the shameful step taken by the Parliament to violate the conditions for receiving the vaccine in accordance with the agreed mechanism, which endangered the entire process and drew a reprimand from the World Bank and threatened to freeze the financing of vaccines, the political office calls on those concerned to explain the reasons for receiving the vaccine in this twisted manner.

The Politburo believes that there is no longer any salvation hoped for by this system that is gripping the stranglehold of the Lebanese in order to save itself, and stresses the need to allow the private sector to import to accelerate the pace of vaccination and reach collective immunity as soon as possible to save lives and a gradual return to normal and productive life.

– The Lebanese Kataeb Party reiterates that it has become necessary to reach real change that emerges democratically from the will of the Lebanese at the ballot box in May 2022, and that the attempt to steal this right will be confronted without hesitation and with all available means.

The Political Bureau renews its call on the Lebanese to engage in the change process, to ensure that their names are on the cross-list lists, and to correct any mistake if it was found before March 1.

– The Phalangist political office rejects the crime committed by the political system against the judiciary to paralyze its work in the investigation of the port crime, and considers that the path the case took showed a clear politicization process.

The brigades, which did not lose sight of the intentions of this class to escape again from accountability, had submitted on September 23, 2020 a review with the United Nations and demanded a UN decision to establish a regional center in Beirut for the International Court of Justice to look into the crime.

The party stresses the need to restore the independence of the Lebanese judiciary and work to give it the necessary legal cover, secure its independence, protect judges, and enable them to carry out their work without delay or obstruction.


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