Three groups should not receive the Corona vaccine … Are you among them?


Corona deaths are accelerating, in an unprecedented way since the beginning of the pandemic in Lebanon, with the high rate of HIV infections, and in return, fear and anxiety about the available vaccines for Corona increases, amid many hypotheses that are circulating about the seriousness of the consequences after the vaccine. But more than 40 million people in the world have received the vaccine, including neighboring countries, so what is more correct in this case, and at the level of Lebanon, which is awaiting the arrival of the first doses during the current month, what are the groups in the Lebanese community who should not receive the vaccine?

He answers these questions in an exclusive interview with “Lebanon 24”, a specialist in pulmonology, Dr. Bassem Jumaa, indicating that the pandemic has occupied the world, and the best solution to eliminate the virus is the vaccine, which speeds up the fight against diseases, which translates into the tremendous money spent on research. And the presence of a large number of volunteers to eliminate Corona.
Thus, Jumah says: “In general, yes, all people should receive the vaccine, but the answer in particular is no, not all groups can receive the vaccine.” Usually when companies do tests for vaccines, they are supposed to carry out experiments on all groups without exception, and these experiments must last for at least a year, and then do the second test, but since the Corona vaccines came quickly, so we must exclude all groups that were not done Test the vaccine on it. ”

Hence, Dr. Jumaa enumerates 3 groups of society who should not receive vaccinations.

The first group: pregnant women
The vaccine has not been tried on pregnant women, so there is no risk at all, and it is forbidden to give the vaccine to a pregnant woman until after the birth of her birth.

Group Two: Children under 16 years old
The experiment was not conducted on children under 16 years old, and there is no data indicating the likelihood or absence of harm. Therefore, it is best not to give it to children under this age group.

The third group: people with allergies
Dr. Jumaa explains: “Usually, in all vaccination procedures in the world, the rate of a person being allergic to the regular vaccine is two in a million, and in the Corona vaccine, the results showed that the ratio is three in a million, which is a very small difference. And allergy sufferers were divided into categories, the first section.” Those who have an allergy in general to dust or what is said spring conjunctivitis, and some of them suffer from allergies to some mild medicines.Here, the vaccine is given to the person provided that he remains in the vaccination center and monitored for 15 minutes, and if he does not feel any allergic mutations, he can go to His home, there is no danger. ”

And he continues: “As for people who have an allergy to substances inside the vaccine, and the symptoms may lead to swelling, suffocation, or problems in the blood vessels, if the person with them received the vaccine in the first dose and these factors appeared, then the second dose of the vaccine is not given to him.” . The first dose prepares the immune system, while the second dose acts on all immune cells.

Can people who develop an allergic mutation to the vaccine, therefore, be treated with its first dose?
“Yes, immediately,” Jumaa replied. “Once he obtains a specific needle, especially, and within hours, he will improve.”

Chest and lung diseases

Contrary to what is believed, Dr. Jumaa confirms that people with chest and pulmonary diseases are among the people most in need of vaccination. He says: “It is very necessary for them to take the available vaccines, at the beginning we did not have accurate information, but today, it has become certain that people with these diseases should receive the vaccine, in order to secure immunity to their body.”

And whether a person who was infected with Corona should receive the vaccine, Jumah says: “First, I believe that someone who is infected with Corona once will not be infected with it again. According to studies and research, all people who have been infected with SARS and MERS since ancient times, have not been infected with the new Corona. If the entire virus mutates, they could be infected with the virus. ”

As for receiving the vaccine, Jumah says: “There are studies that say that a person with corona has acquired immunity forever, and does not need a vaccine. Other studies recommend that a person with corona should receive the vaccine, as every patient must be vaccinated because immunity in the body is not fully formed. After infection in our bodies, especially those who were mildly ill with corona. ” And he continues: “It is better, according to what is happening in the countries of the world, it is advisable to wait at least 3 months to make sure whether he should receive the vaccine or not.”

Jumaa talks about 3 types of vaccines, most of which do not contain an active virus. There is the Chinese vaccine made from a dead virus, and the Russian one loaded with codes for non-types of viruses, and the third vaccine such as “Pfizer”, which sends the code.
This means that there is no active virus, meaning that there are no dangerous effects as it is rumored on people, or genetic changes, as these vaccines are sent by code and do not enter the cell, and they do not affect the shape of this cell.
Specialist Juma reassures the citizens, but he indicates the need to consult a private doctor before receiving the vaccine.


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